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I've been reading a lot of Hans Christian Anderson/Brothers Grimm stories over the past week... ^_^.

Fairy Tails
by Leto
Story 1 - How the Vulpix got its Tails

In a time long ago, much further back than any living person can remember, it was decided by someone whose opinion counted that there should be a king of Pokemon, who would have power over other Pokemon, rule well and have a castle and a ship with six golden sails that they and their descendants might prosper.

The Pokemon gathered together to determine who would be the king of the forest.

"I sssshall certainly be," said the cobra, "my handsome form and imposing countenance shall cause all to fear crossing our forest. All ye who watch, choose my strength and magnificence."

"I shall certainly be," said the bull, "oh arrogant youth, a fiercesome appearance does not a good king make. It is a bold and noble spirit that empowers a Pokemon to be worthy of such a position. All ye who watch, choose my power and attitude."

"I shall certainly be," said the... er, spoon-wielder... "you are both wrong. A good ruler cannot be unless they possess intelligence. A wise and fair king is better than one of physical strength or beauty. All ye who watch, choose my intellect and brains."

"I @%&^ing WELL SHOULD BE!" yelled the pig-monkey, who was incapable of speaking in any tone but a furious one, "I'M TEN MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN ANY OF YOU @&^%ing WIMPS!"

Arbok, Tauros and Kadabra all smacked Primeape over the head with their tails (or in Kadabra's case, with its spoon) for not speaking in a manner which kept in with the tone of the story.

Primeape's bulging vein grew larger.

"Well, stuff this," said Arbok, "we may as well talk normally now. We're not in ye olde England or whatever."

The other two sweatdropped, but nodded.

Primeape stomped his feet.

The other Pokemon looked at it.

"If you think you're going to be king, you have no chance," said Arbok, and wrapped Primeape in its coils.

"If you think you're going to be king, you have no chance," said Tauros, and rammed Primeape with its horns.

"If you think you're going to be king, you have no chance," said Kadabra, and delivered a powerful Psybeam attack which caused the pig-monkey to fall down dead.

Oh bitter rivalry! So often it makes enemies out of friends!

"Oh no!" said Tauros, "we have killed the Primeape! We must flee from this land before we are discovered and duly punished!"

"Don't bother," said Arbok casually, "everyone hates that stupid hot tempered moron anyway."

The others nodded, and they parted, but not forgetting their rivalry.

After them stared the fox, a shy and cautious creature with beautiful soft red fur. It was nervous of such fine fellows but whispered to itself "I wish that I might be king and have a ship with six golden sails. So that I might see the world."

As the fox said those words, it felt a chill wind in the air. It looked into the air and saw soaring overhead the figure of Houou, the wish granter. A Pokemon thousands of years old and well known to every Pokemon as a fairy tale figure, but rarely seen.


It was well time for the forestfolk to vote on who they desired as king.

"He shall protect our land from invading humans, and enemy Pokemon," said a Bulbasaur to her friend Sandslash. "And we will be better off for having him."

"HE? Why can't we have a woman ruler?" protested a female Sandslash, "This is the 90s after all!"

"The 1690s..." muttered Bulbasaur.

"Yeah, but still!"

The candidates for being king walked up onto the stage.

Arbok, with magnificent hood gleaming and eyes glowing with pride, slithered out and took his place.

Tauros stomped onto the stage with an arrogant gleam in his eye and took his place also.

Kadabra floated and clutched his spoon, with a slightly superior look in his eye, and took his place also.

Then, an unexpected candidate stepped nervously onto the stage. A Vulpix with six fine tails took his position, looking very small and meek compared to the others.

Everyone laughed at the little Vulpix, and some stared at it in shock.

"Whoever heard of a mutant Pokemon becoming a king!" whispered the Bulbasaur to her friend, who had to nod in agreement.

"We would get no respect!"

However, after the first three Pokemon had made their speeches, it was clear that none of them would suit. All three were far too boastful and arrogant, and possessed not the fine roles one would wish for in a king.

It was the Vulpix's turn to speak, and although its voice was quiet, it spoke with such sincere eloquence that all who listened listened well.

"The Vulpix for king! The Vulpix for king!" cheered the forestfolk, and it was a unanimous decision. The Vulpix smiled in great pleasure, but the three other candidates stormed off the stage in bad spirits.

That evening, Vulpix walked silently through the dusk forest and contemplated all that happened. As it did so, from the sky came that golden figure again. It flew down and landed in front of the fox king. Vulpix could see that its golden wings were actually shimmering with half a dozen colours.

"You got your wish," whispered Houou. It never raised its voice or changed its tone, or so said the fables in which it was described.

Vulpix bowed, and nodded. "Yes, I thank you kindly. If not for you I think I could not have had the courage to make such a good speech, and right now I would not be king."

"King?" blinked the bird, "how came that to pass?"

"You granted me my wish to become king and have a ship with six golden sails, did you not?"

Houou blushed.


"Well... er, even mysterious wish-granters make mistakes sometimes. And being thousands of years old, my hearing's not what it used to be..."

"How so?"

"I thought you said "I wish that I might have a figure with six golden tails. And that they were made of fur.""

Vulpix facefaulted. "So that's why I'm a mutant now is it? The forestfolk all did laugh at me! I am sure many will not have respect for me as a king now!"

Houou sweatdropped. "Yes, I am sorry about that. Accidents happen, you know. I can't reverse the wish, but I could modify it somewhat if you like."

Vulpix nodded.


When King Vulpix went to his den for the last night he would live there, he stopped short of the sight of his wife.

"Well done!" she exclaimed happily, "that we shall now become king and queen!"

He stared at her. "Woman, have you noticed something awry with your appearance?"

She looked down at her paws, patted the fur on her head, sniffed her six tails...

"Is there something wrong?"

"Oh... no..."

Vulpix sat down, a mite dazed.

And from that day, all Vulpix have grown six tails.

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